Finding a great rare and unique name for a boy can be a challenge. It’s exhausting reading list after list only to come up empty-handed. So we found 100 rare gems for boys, that might pleasantly surprise you! See our list of 100 Girl Names You Haven’t Heard Of


1. Aceyn

Invented name


2. Alban

Latin, of Alba


3. Alcott

English, from the old cottage


4. Alvar

English, magical army


5. Ammerlin

Unknown meaning


6. Anthem

Word name


7. Ariston

Greek, best


8. Arley

English, hare’s meadow


9. Arthan

French, little Arthur


10. Ayrton

English, farmstead on the river


11. Balan

Romanian, surname


12. Bardo

Sanskrit, transitional state


13. Basel

Arabic, brave


14. Berwin

English, bear friend


15. Breyon

Invented name


16. Brixton

English place name


17. Bruin

Dutch, brown


18. Cainan

Biblical, possessor


19. Caston

Anglo-Saxon, lives near a chestnut tree


20. Colson

English from Greek from Nicholas meaning “victory of the people”


21. Dakson

Invented name


22. Dallan

Irish, blind


23. Darrow

Scottish, spear


24. Darwin

English, dear friend

Popularity in 2016: #860


25. Diggory

Englis from French, astray


26. Dodge

English from German, famous warrior


27. Donatello

Italian from Latin, gift


28. Eben

Hebrew, stone of help


29. Enver

Slavic from Arabic, luminous


30. Exander

Greek, defender of men


31. Garnett

English, pomegranate


32. Garrity

Irish surname


33. Gethin

Welsh, dark-skinned


34. Hanno

German, God is gracious


35. Iestyn

Welsh from Latin, just


36. Ilario

Italian from Latin, cheerful


37. Jainum

Hindi, victorious


38. Joss

English from German, member of Gaut’s tribe


39. Kemp

English, champion


40. Kendrew

Scottish surname


41. Kennan

English from Irish, ancient


42. Kylieb

Invented name


43. Laith

Arabic, lion


44. Leotin

French surname


45. Loic

French, form of Louis


46. Madoc

Welsh, fortunate


47. Mannis

Invented name


48. Marl

Word name


49. Mastin

Anglo-Saxon, from Marsden


50. Matix

Invented name


51. Maven

Hebrew, knowledgeable


52. Mayer

English, mayor


53. Nedry

Surname, unknown origins


54. Nieko

English from Greek Nicholas meaning “victory of the people”


55. Olen

Scandinavian, relic


56. Onix

Greek, spelling variation of Onyx meaning “gemstone”


57. Orran

Armenian, shelter


58. Orison

Anglo-Saxon & French from Latin, prayer


59. Oshin

Hindi, ocean


60. Oswin

English, divine friend


61. Paden

English, fighters estate


62. Redding

Anglo- Saxon, topographic surname


63. Rennon

English surname


64. Reverdy

French, spring


65. Roper

English, rope maker


66. Rorick

German, famous power


67. Rovan

Invented name


68. Rune

Norweigan, secret


69. Ryne

Irish, little king


70. Severus

Latin, stern


71. Sheadon

Invented name


72. Spense

English from French, dispense


73. Stratton

English, homestead on the Roman road


74. Sutter

English from Greek, cobbler


75. Taos

Native American, place of the red willows


76. Teak

Word name


77. Tevin

Invented name


78. Thane

Scottish, chief of a clan


79. Thisbe

Greek mythology, lover


80. Tomer

Hebrew, palm tree


81. Torec

Invented name


82. Torrin

Irish, little hills


83. Torsten

Scandinavian, Thor’s stone


84. Townes

English & Scottish surname


85. Tyce

Invented name


86. Vander

Dutch, from the family of


87. Wexler

German, money changer


88. Wiley

Scottish surname


89. Winton

English, friends settlement


90. Wystan

English, battle stone


91. Yordan

Bulgarian, flows down


92. Yuma

Native American, chiefs son


93. Zabian

Arabic, one who worships the stars


94. Zadock

Hebrew, righteous


95. Zalin

Invented name


96. Zayd

Arabic, abundance


97. Zealand

Dutch, sea land


98. Zereck

Invented name


99. Zeth

Invented name


100. Zohn

Surname unknown origin


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