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About Us

A Name Obsession Turned Blog 

We are name obsessed and invested in exploring accurate meanings and origins of names. Whether you’re an expecting mother or just love names as much as, you’ll fit in perfectly around here.

Our team is small and growing, it currently consists of one name obsessed gal who started it all, a web developer, and our wonderous genealogist; whose passion goes far beyond names. When she’s not researching names she’s uncovering family tree’s and reuniting long-lost loved ones (how cool is that?!)

Our approach to names is light-hearted and fun. We believe that finding the perfect name shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience. There is no need to sort through exhaustive, frustrating lists completely outside of the realm of what you’re truly looking for. That’s why we decided to make this a blog, where you can browse names by choosing only the posts that interest you.

This blog gives us the opportunity to share our love of names, and we are grateful to have followers and readers like you! Thank you for being here! We started this blog not knowing the impact it might have, and it has already exceeded our expectations. We can’t wait to grow with you and share our wealth of knowledge on so many names.



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