Beautiful and Elegant Latin Names for Girls

elegant latin baby names

Beautiful and Elegant Latin Names for Girls


These beautiful and elegant Latin names for girls are inspired by the language and culture of the ancient Romans. They are classical and romantic without being too exotic.




A glorification of the name Dora that’s bewitching and Adora-ble

A Latin name, meaning: “adored”.
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A delicate and feminine name that has yet be unearthed

A feminine form of Latin Aelianus, meaning: “sun”.
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Anabel and Mabel are super cute, but Amabel is just a little less expected

From Latin amabilis, via Old French, meaning: “lovable”.
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A swoon-worthy name for a Valentines Day baby

A Latin word for “love”.
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A name sure to gain admiration by anyone who hears it 

The Italian form of Latin Benedicta meaning: “blessed”.
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An exotic and uncommon name that certainly lives up to its meaning 

From Late Latin name Calixta feminine form of Calixtus which is from Latin calix ‘cup’. The name is also connected to Greek kallista, meaning: “fairest, most beautiful”.
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 A dreamy name that’s simple and pretty. “Che Carina”, means “how cute” in Italian

Latinate elaboration of feminine adjective cara, meaning: “beloved”.
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Unique and elegant, especially when said in Italian

From Latin Cloelia, the name borne by a mythological heroine of early Roman history, meaning: “famous”.
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Strong and daring

The feminine equivalent of Dexter. In Latin dexter means “right-handed, auspicious”.
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An old fashioned name that still feels fresh

A name for the Roman mythology goddess of flowers and spring. Derived from Latin flos “flower”.
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A gorgeous elaboration of the word honor

Feminine of Latin Honorius, meaning “man of honor”.
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A feminine name with a vintage feel

Feminine of Latin Junius meaning: “June”.
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A gorgeously unique name that exudes elegance

Meaning:“from Lavinium” A Roman mythology name, the wife of Aeneas, and thus mother to the Roman people. She gave her name to the town of Lavinium.
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A lovely underused name that captures the magic of the sea

Derived from the second word of Marian epithet stella maris, meaning: “star of the sea”.
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Mysterious and beautiful, a great alternative for Ariana. 

A name first found in the medieval tale of Amadis of Gaul. It may be a derivative of Old French or Spanish oro “gold” (Latin aurum).
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Feminine, without being too soft. 

Feminine form of Peter. Petra is, in fact, the regular Late Latin word for “stone”.
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Whimsical and ancient, a great alternative to Priscilla

Of New Testament origin feminine form of the Roman family name Priscus “ancient”.
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A lovely old-fashioned name that deserves a common back, not to mention, tons of nickname potential

Latinate name coined in the 19th century derived from Late Latin pruna “plum”.
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Not to be confused with Sabrina, Sabina is a gorgeous name in its own right 

Meaning: “Sabine woman”
The Sabines were an ancient Italic race whose territory was taken over by the Romans.
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A cute, spunky name that would be a great alternative to the popular girl’s name Luna

Anglicized feminine form of Latin unus “one”. Also, a name borne in Irish legend by the mother of the hero Conn Cétchathach.
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A starry sounding name fit for your little goddess of beauty

Borne of a mythology goddess of love and beauty, the Latin equivalent of Greek Aphrodite, her name is related to venustas ‘beauty, delight”.
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A sweet sounding virtue name that’s elegant and intresting without being weird. Pretty enough for a little girl and stylish enough for a woman.

Old French from Latin Veritas “truth”.
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We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of beautiful and elegant Latin names for girls. What are your favorite Latin girl’s names? Let us know in the comments below!

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