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Traditional baby names aren’t for everyone.  For parents who are on the hunt for something unusual and perfect, we’ve dedicated our site to unique and rare names not found in the US top 1,000 most popular names.

Whimsical & Enchanting Names for Girls

Give your little girl a whimsical name that will give her an aura of enchantment for the rest of her life.

The Chicest French Names for Girls & Boys

These names for girls and boys will conjure up a certain je n’ais se quoi.

25 Irish Names for Girls That Aren’t Popular in America

Traditional and unique Irish names waiting to be discovered.

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Top 25 Girl Names Starting with the Letter A, 2017

We are presenting you with the top 25 letter "A" names for girls, according to the current list of the top 1,000 names from the U.S. Social Security Administration website. Keep in mind that there are a few duplicate names on the list due to spelling variations. Read...

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