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Vintage always has its moment in fashion but lately, we’ve seen quite a resurgence in vintage names steadily climbing the charts. For this list of baby names we went back in time and handpicked rare old fashion gems that still have yet to reach the top 1,000 most popular names. So without further ado here are 100 forgotten vintage names for girls and boys that will make your grandma proud.




1. Adelia

Flowering plant


2. Agnes

Greek, pure


3. Althea

Greek, healing


4. Annalie

Finnish variation of Hebrew name Hannah meaning “Grace”


5. Belinda

English literary name


6. Beverly

English, beaver stream


7. Camelia

Flower name or Romanian variation of Camilla meaning “beloved”


8. Cleo

Greek, glory


9. Concetta

Italian, conception


10. Cordelia

Celtic, jewel of the sea


11. Delphia

Greek, from ancient city name Delphi


12. Eliora

Hebrew, God is my light


13. Elva

Irish, elf


14. Enola

English, unknown meaning & Native American meaning magnolia


15. Esta

Spanish, word name


16. Eula

Greek, sweetly spoken


17. Faustine

Latin, feminine of Faustus meaning “fortunate one”


18. Fayette

French, faith


19. Filomena

Italian from Greek, loved


20. Freda

German, peaceful


21. Goldie

English, gold


22. Gretchen

German, diminutive of Margarethe meaning “pearl”


23. Heloise

French from German, healthy & wide


24. Hilda

Norse, battle


25. Honora

Latin, honor


26. Jeanette

French, God is gracious


27. Lavinia

Latin, from Lavinium


28. Lisette

French, diminutive of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God”


29. Lolita

Spanish diminutive of Dolores meaning “lady of sorrow”


30. Lucretia

Latin from Roman clan name Lucretius


31. Magdalene

Hebrew, tower


32. Maisy

Scottish, diminutive of Margaret meaning “pearl”


33. Marcella

Latin, warlike


34. Marlene

Combination of the names Maria + Magdalene


35. Nadine

French from Russian, hope


36. Odessa

Greek, wrathful


37. Olivette

Elaboration of Olive meaning “olive tree”


38. Pandora

Greek, all gifts


39. Posey

English, small bouquet


40. Prunella

Latin, plum


41. Quilla

Incan, moon mother


42. Rochelle

French, little rock


43. Roma

Italian, Rome


44. Sandrine

French from Greek, defender of men


45. Susannah

English from Hebrew, lily


46. Temperance

Word name


47. Tilly

German, short form of Matilda meaning “strength in battle”


48. Tresa

German variation of Theresa meaning “harvest”


49. Unica

Ancient Roman coin


50. Verona

Italian place name





1. Aldous

English from German, old


2. Alister

Scottish from Greek Alexander meaning “defender of men”


3. Alton

English, settlement by the spring


4. Audley

English, woodland clearing


5. Barlow

English, boar woodland clearing


6. Baxter

English & Scottish, baker


7. Bertram

German, bright raven


8. Boaz

Hebrew, swiftness


9. Caswell

English, water spring


10. Chaplin

English & French, clergyman


11. Clayton

English, clay village


12. Dietrich

German, ruler


13. Dixon

Scottish, son of Dick


14. Eason

Scottish, Aythe’s son


15. Ebenezer

Hebrew, stone of help


16. Eleazar

Hebrew, God helps


17. Elston

English, noble victory


18. Fenton

English, marsh settlement


19. Gabe

Hebrew, short for Gabriel meaning “God is my strength”


20. Garfield

English, triangle field


21. Garson

French & Scottish, young boy


22. Germain

French, from Germany


23. Herrick

German, army power


24. Heston

English, brushwood settlement


25. Hindley

English, wood clearing


26. Hutton

English, ridge settlement


27. Ivor

Norse, bow warrior


28. Junius

Ancient Roman family name


29. Kenton

English, kings settlement


30. Klement

German surname


31. Lambert

English & French, bright land


32. Lazarus

Hebrew, God helps


33. Marion

French, variation of Mary


34. Marston

English, marsh settlement


35. Norman

English, men from the north


36. Novak

Slavic, new


37. Octavius

Latin, born eighth


38. Orlean

French, golden


39. Percival

French, pierce valley


40. Prewitt

English from French, small and brave


41. Quade

Irish from Gaelic clan name Mac Uaid meaning “descendant of Uaid”


42. Radley

English, red meadow


43. Remus

Latin, unknown meaning


44. Rupert

English from German, bright fame


45. Saxon

German, swordsman


46. Styles

Anglo-Saxon, steep ascent


47. Sylvester

Latin, woodland


48. Truman

English, loyal


49. Wells

English, spring


50. Zadock

Hebrew, righteous


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  1. Emmeline

    Love the list!
    Fun fact: A camellia with two l’s is a flower 🙂
    Also “esta” just means “this,” or “he/she/it is” (if there’s an accent on the a). It’s still a nice sound for a name, but not really a meaning in Spanish.


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